Q: Will hair extensions damage my hair?
A: If the hair extensions are applied properly and the correct aftercare is used there should be no damage. It is advised that the extensions do not stay in for longer than 3 months and have a 6 weekly maintenance in between. Using the correct brush helps keep hair tangle free .

Q: How long does my natual hair have to be?
A: Ideally extensions blend in most naturally if you can get your hair into a stubby ponytail. Layered hair also blends better than a one length cut.

Q: How many bonds do i need for a half or a full head?
A:On average with the 1 gram strands 50-75 will be enough for half a head and 125-150 for a full head. Please bear in mind if your client has thicker hair they may need more.

Q: Can i still colour my roots?
A: Yes, it is best to get this done professionally and just the top and sides of your hair.

Q: How to look after my extensions?
A: Do not wash more than 3 times a week.
Keep bonds separated to avoid matting at the roots. Shampoo hair in an upright position, Never over or in the bath as the hair can tangle. Use a mild shampoo and an intense conditioner. Use a good leave-in treatment/mask once a week to prevent hair from drying. Although the quailty of hair we use is exceptional, the hair is still dead and needs nourishment. Do not rub hair with a towel, squeeze water down. Do not get heat, wax, oil or serum near the bond as this will cause the bonds to slide out. When swimming it is best to use a cap as salt water can tangle extensions very badly. Hair extensions can also tangle with sweat, so extra care is needed on holidays. Also bear in mind the salt water,pool chemicals and heat can cause the keratin bonds to break down. This will make them sticky and can also lead to them sliding out.
Never go to bed with wet hair and it is advisable to plait dry hair loosly at the nape of the neck when sleeping.
Always use a heat protector when using tongs or straighteners as heat can damage the hair extensions and the hair may not last as long.
We advise not to colour, perm or tint the extension hair as this can damage the hair and bonds. Altered in any way then the 30 day guarantee will be void.

Q: What aftercare products do you recommend?
A: Heavenly hair supplies recommend to use the Balmain aftercare range as this is designed for hair extensions. Also the Avon Moroccan argan oil.

Q: What brushes are best to use?
A: The hair extension loop brush which can be purchased at heavenly hair supplies. The Loop brush de-tangles hair quickly as is perfect for hair extensions as it is more gentle than other brushes. The loop brush will glide over the bonds without pulling; leaving you hair healthy.

Q: Can I have hair extensions whilst pregnant?
A: It is advisable not to have hair extensions when pregnant or up to a year after, due to the extra shedding of the natural hair after pregnancy.

Q: Can I use dry shampoo?
A: It is advisable not to, as the ingredients in the dry shampoo can cause the bonds to break down, go sticky and then slide out.













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