Introduction to Remy Hair Extensions

What are Remy hair extensions? To those of you who have been born and bred in a make up and artiste world, it is definitely general knowledge. But to the ones who did not have the privilege of growing up with eyeshadow palettes and hair tint, this basic introduction on Remy hair extensions is for you. Remy hair extensions are considered to be the most talked about human hair extension type in the market mainly due to reasons such as it being extremely affordable for such a high quality product.  The term Remy, even though rather odd is actually referred to the way in which the hair extensions are manufactured and collected. In addition to this, the term also highlights the characteristics of the extensions themselves. What people love most about Remy hair extensions that are 100% genuine is the fact that all hair strands fall in the same direction. Apart from this, there is also a very slight chance of the hair getting entangled, which as most of you all know, is a really huge frustration.  It is only processed lightly and these hair extensions will last up to nine months to one year if maintained on a regular basis. Although, it does differ depending on how often one uses them, colors them and how well you take care of them.

The difference between Remy hair Extensions and other Non-Remy hair extensions

Now that you have stepped in to the introductory world of Remy hair extensions, you probably are wondering how it’s different from other non-Remy hair extensions. The main difference to tell other extensions apart from the Remy extensions is that the hair collection process is varied and therefore, the cuticle direction gets mixed up. This mix up could cause unavoidable problems such as shedding, difficulties in mattefying the hair and the biggest frustration of all, a series of hair tangles.

Unilateral cuticle direction is when the hair follicles fall down in one definite direction from the roots to the tip.  This hair is collected using a method that causes hair strands to be aligned in the direction it naturally grew in. The outcome of this hair collection process is that the hair extensions have a smooth and natural feel and texture which could be easily compared to one’s own hair.

Some companies claim to sell 100% Remy hair extensions but add in a few percentages of non-Remy hair too. Although, it could be easily identified by a hair expert, you may have trouble identifying the difference. Remy hair like mentioned above gives out a very natural feeling. Some would say it is silky and cooling, a characteristic that is absent in Non-Remy hair extensions. In two to three weeks, the hair strands will start to matte and the difference will be easy to identify. It is definitely too late by then to retrieve the money wasted. Therefore, always purchase Remy hair extensions from an organisation approved by a trusted hair expert.