Remy Hair


From time immemorial a head full of hair has fascinated those who had it or those who have it and of course the fascination was also from those who don’t have it. The quantum of hair on one’s head is what has drawn the attention of others who could be quite envious watching those who have lush and beautiful hair whilst the beholder would not have any or not as much to talk about.

Whatever the issue those who had beautiful, long and lush hair have an aura of pride and confidence around them, as they know that they are being silently admired for their hair. This has placed them in a prideful place in the society that they live and this very interesting subject about hair has been the topic of many discussions and also of reasons to cover it up in trying to display a sense of false modesty.

Covering the head full of hair has today taken a different dimension with even legislation being introduced to ensure that hair on one’s head is the right of everyone else to see hence the ban on headscarves in certain countries.

Whatever the issues may be, hair on the head especially for women enhances their beauty and brings in a different perspective to their overall appearance.

There are umpteen women spread all over the world who have less hair on their heads and would like to project a more luscious appearance with a head full of hair and it is towards this objective that Remy Hair extensions are popularly sought after.

What is Remy or Remi Hair?

It is natural human hair collected from donors and put through an elaborate process of treatment that ensures they are preserved in its lush form to be worm along with a person’s existing hair. It could also be made into wigs and worn as an attachment.

This process of treating natural hair and using it is what we call Remy Hair which is a universally accepted method most manufacturers employ to ensure that the human hair that they sell remains as it is and also looks natural when worn.

The life span of Remy Hair could vary but if the hair is well maintained just like taking care of your natural hair it could give the same luscious looks for anything between six months to one year.

To put through the treating process the hair should be natural and also be generally from the same donor or if it is of different donors the texture of every strand should be similar to each other. The strands should also follow the same direction and there cannot be different types of hair in one of the Remy Hair extensions that you would purchase.

How to fix Remy Hair?

It is sold generally as wigs or as hair extensions and could be clipped to existing hair as an extension which would not be visible and would look just like the wearer’s natural hair. When worn as a wig it would be just an easy exercise of putting it on but when worn as an extension the Remy Hair would need to be subtly attached to provide a natural look to the beholder.

Remy Hair is available in different colors, lengths, textures and designs hence it is a very easy endeavor to select what any individual would want and then clip it on when needed and then remove it and ensure proper storage when not in use.

The primary criteria involved in selecting the hair needed to make Remy Hair is that it needs to be 100% natural and no compromises could be made on that issue hence finding donors would be the first step in the process.

Once a donor provides the hair it undergoes the preservation process and also to ensure that the strands do not tangle, and is prevented from matting and shedding which are common problems associated with even natural hair on a person’s head.

The Remy Hair process is not only universally accepted it is the primary process followed by all those manufacturers who turn out wigs and hair extensions from natural human hair.

Once worn and if it is Remy Hair there would not be any visible difference when worn hence the reason for its universal practice and also the beauty that exudes gives the wearer that aura of confidence and smartness that everyone expects when blessed with a head full of beautiful, healthy and luscious hair.

Selecting Remy hair

It is imperative that if you are hoping to purchase hair for that stylish look you would prefer the all natural Remy Hair but with so many spurious products being sold everywhere it would be quite a task to get authentic hair that has gone through the process.

A natural endeavor would be to find a reputed dealer in Remy Hair but if that is not possible then it would be necessary to get it from a dealer who would be also selling other synthetic hair hence differentiating could be difficult for a layman who would not be apprised on what to look for.

There is one simple exercise that you could try out and that is by taking a minute piece of the Remy Hair offered to you and once you have selected what you would really want by putting it to a test.

Lighting the little strand so selected you could see if it is natural or synthetic, if the burning of the strand turns to ash then it is natural but if it wrinkles up then it would be definitely synthetic.

This exercise would show you that you are buying real Remy Hair and not anything else. It may be a very crude way of looking at the authenticity of what you buy but this would be the only test that you put it through as there are ample and more synthetics around that are as natural as it looks in normal human hair.